Raschida Ismaeli Abubakir

When one views the works of Ray Grist, painter, printmaker, videographer, one enters a world of color, images and poetic nuance. Color and image are contained and shaped into the forms envisioned and the crafted through skilled hands and impassioned vision. The range of medium is testimony to artistry and philosophical imperative of one who has given time to developed and hone techniques that allow for the execution in many forms.

In relative smaller scale (he paints on larger canvas.) "Improvisation #7", compacts density and rhythmic shapes.

 The series "Faces" use oil and watercolor. An oval head elongated lines childlike. String-like hair. Mismatched eyes, muted tones in oils and the subtle watercolors create a collection of emotion and textures.

 "Collaboration" series based, the artist says, on drawings and paintings of children picks up themes of "Faces". Bodies that are triangular, some without arms shaped by sophistication and youthful fun, are studies in human psycho-anatomy. "Collaboration I" with a stick-like form and the side surrounded by a field of activity in patterns of subdued colors and an almost "blotted out" form of another stick person. Very reminiscent of a child's painting. These works are particularly daring because Mr. Grist allows a playfulness but at the same time the seasoned hands of intelligence tempers the images.

The artistic vocabulary of Ray Grist is informed by his vast experiences in the world. Views of the internal world of one who use colors, shapes to paint the landscape of human kind is to be found in his work. Whether it is on a large format or lino cuts, this is a maker of images that boldly assert and affirm the possibilities of life, complex in their presentations and majestic in simplicity.

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