The Sunday Star Ledger

Eileen Watkins


“With All Deliberate Speed,” 

Aljira: A Center for Contemporary Art


“. . . Guest curated . . . in cooperation with Aljira, curator Carl Hazelwood, points out that the show features seven metropolitan area artists from a range of ethnic backgrounds.  “The artists explore ideas, cultural symbols and aesthetic principles which get twisted, bent and transformed under the constant pressure of history . . . . art and social exigency,”  Hazelwood says.

 Most upbeat are the four abstract oils by Ray Grist.  All feature backgrounds mottled in dark colors -- two deep blue, one green and one purple.  Over these, Grist paints free-hand grids or horizontal lines, within which he groups short, vertical dashes, curlicues and zigzags.  In their rhythmical spacing and bright or metallic colors, they evoke musical notation for “What I Say” and “Hear Me Talkin.”  More definite symbols such as pairings of circles and short, wavy lines in “Tapestry No. 12,” call to mind cryptograms, which might hamper communication between races and nationalities. . . .”


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