THE MOORS 710 – 1492 AD.


A concise history of the time when the Moors ruled in Al Andalus – Spain and Portugal.

This neglected history is fundamental for our modern world. It was a time when the ancient knowledge from Greece, Rome and Egypt that had been virtually obliterated by the Visigoths, was restored to European societies and expanded with new knowledge from the rest of the Islamic world of that time. As well, it was a time of tolerance between Muslims, Christians and Jews, which allowed for persons from each group to make lasting and significant contributions to our human experience.

In the 10th century Cordoba was the center of learning and culture in the then developed world. This Empire of the Moors has generated wonderful stories of romance, chivalry, and explorations in science, art and culture. This epoch is known as the scientific renaissance.

The later Italian renaissance could not have happened without the experience of The Moors.  Ray Grist presents this history in a concise way, which could encourage a further exploration of this wonderful and essential time in human history.


Ray Grist examines this question – What is a Painting? His exploration lets us see paintings in an essential way.  This essay grew out of a lecture Grist presented at The Cooper Union in New York during 2004. The lecture, and the essay, is in three parts – What is a Painting? An Exploration of Black Art, and a slide show of some of Grist’s favored contemporaries.  An Exploration of Black Art is Grist’s attempt to offer a description of the unique cultural manifestation called “Black Art.” It may, as well, be an offering to a way of identity for and from our modern day America.



A catalogue of Ray Grist’s painting, prints, and drawings, with commentary and reviews of the works and exhibitions.

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