Ray Grist has produced a number of video programs, some of whaich are featured on YouTube.com. The following is a partial listing of videos Grist has produced:

JAY MILDER: A LIFE STORY (1 hour, 12 minutes)

Ray Grist has created the documentary presentation of the life of Jay Milder. A New York based painter, sculptor and printmaker, Jay Milder enjoys and internaitonal reputation. He is conisidered as one of the innovators and leaders of the figurative abstractionists, as well as an early progenitor of graffiti. Milder has shown works in many of the major US cities, and recently in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paolo and Brasilia, Brazil. His works are iincluded in a number of public and private collections.

The video presentation, "Jay Milder: A Life Story,” is 1 hour, 12 minutes in length, and is available on DVD. This DVD video will be a valued addition to your archive, library, or collection.

To purchasse a copy of "Jay Milder: A Life Story,” please contact ray.grist@gmail.com or visit the blog at JUMP again.

Ray Grist has also produced a series of videos for The Philanthropic Group including: Rocking the Boat; a community based program in the Bronx, NY, that teaches young people skills for boat building and maritime sciences. Learn It, Grow It, Eat It, is a hands-on education program which empowers teens to take control of their health and to help others do so through: gardening, nutrition education, outreach, and managing a community farm-stand. The Andrus Scholars Program, Fordham University.


On December 7, 2003, Ray Grist participated in an Interview at the Hatch/Billops Collection, New York.  This Interview was part of the Artist and Influence series conducted by Camille Billops and Jim Hatch, for more than the past 25 years.  The autobiography is an extension of that recorded Interview.


ANCESTORS is a one-hour video movie exploring the varieties of rhythms of Brazilian music. A collaboration with Edson “Café” Da Silva, percussionist, Ancestors (thevideo) transforms seven tunes from the CD of the same name by the trio, "Folia De Reis." The trio consisted of Salvador “Dom Salvador” Da Silva, accordion; Milciades “Cidinho” Teixeira, keyboard and accordion; Edson “Café” Da Silva, percussion, lead vocal. The transformation expresses the varieties of musical and cultural influences, with an African base, from old world cultures onto the New World of the Americas.


A biographical expose of Edson “Café” DaSilva, which includes a number of the musical adventures of this significant and dedicated percussionist from Sao Paolo, Brazil.


A short video of Felipe Garcia Villamil plays his bata drum.


This is a 38-minute exploration of Al Andalus, The Empire of The Moors -– 710 – 1492 AD. This co-production between Ray Grist and New York City Board of Education outlines the history and accomplishments of this essential historical epoch.


The early days of public housing in New York City provided stable foundations for those young families who first inhabited “the projects.” East River Houses was one of those early housing projects. It was the first multi-racial, multi-cultural housing project in NewYork. In Their Own Voices presents some of those first residents of East River houses. Some lived there as children and some as parents. All appreciated the stability that was afforded to create success in their lives.


Jump TV was a series that Ray Grist produced on Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN), and Brooklyn Community Cable Access (BCAT) television in New York City. Grist produced 65 shows each of which was 1/2 hour in length. Each program showcased a painter, poet and/or creative person that have been effective in the New York City cultural community. Some of the artists presented are Herb Gentry, Charles Searles, George Mingo, Adger Cowans, Ed Clark, Charles Mingus III, Kathleen Spicer, and many more.

Currently, JUMP TV has eveloved into the blog JUMP again. This features works by and of various contemprary artists.


 Poet Malcolm Mooney reads the poem by Urs Trulee, Queen of the Ball. Video by Ray Grist.


Rashidah Ismaili reads the poem included in her suite, "Music Magic." 

More videos:

Short video presentations of the lives of some of these artists have been abstracted from the JUMP TV series. A partial listing of these artists includes: Charles Searles, Herb Gentry, George Mingo, Ayano Ohmi, Ted Joans, and.


These DVD videos are available for purchase.  Please contact ray.grist@gmail.com.

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